What Are Your Financial Goals?

Caitlin Juilfs |


Last month we had the opportunity to launch a financial wellness program to an industrial company of approximately 90 employees. There were 80 employees present and our goal was to gain the interest of at least half the group. This was an optional benefit being offered to hopefully help the employees establish goals and give them tangible ways to achieve them. No one likes getting to the end of the month and wondering where their paycheck went, yet that is the norm for many of us. The way out of that scenario is pretty basic: have a goal, have a budget, stick to the budget. But that's usually easier said than done. By offering this program we strive to make each person's goals entirely realistic. 

When the launch was said and done, 60 employees had completed enrollment forms. Granted, not everyone has logged in yet, but to have a 75% response rate was far beyond our expectations.

The enrollment form asked the following question: 

What would you do with your paycheck if you had no non-mortgage debt payments?

The responses were astounding. 

"Save it and put it in my children's college fund."


"Go on a family vacation."

"Invest in the 401(k), save for my daughter's college and buy a house."

"Donate more."

"Go to Italy."

"Take family vacations and provide a better lifestyle for my wife and kids." 

The program is only 30 days underway, but we are hopeful and excited to see how many of these goals are achieved simply by telling your paycheck what to do, rather than wondering where it went. 

Can you relate to some of these goals? Tell us about yours. 

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