Our financial wellness webcasts are created to expand your knowledge on various financial topics from a reliable and trustworthy source - AIS Planning!

It is our goal to authentically serve our clients and help each person become more financially secure and independent. Throughout the year we will publish our latest and greatest webcast filled with helpful tools and advice.

Check back to view each webcast on their release date below. You can find the entire library by visiting our "Financial Wellness" page at: www.aisplanning.com/financial-wellness 

Financial New Year's resolutions - Release Date: February 8th

Tips on handling high inflation - Release Date: March 8th

What should I do with my tax refund - Release Date: May 10th

Why now is NOT the time to pull back retirement savings - Release Date: June 14th

Understanding your credit score - Release Date: August 9th

Assumptions that can derail your retirement - Release Date: September 13th

"What if I..." A look at how small changes in your 401(k) can have a big impact - Release Date: November 8th

How to create a spending plan/budget, and stick to it - Release Date: December 13th