A healthy retirement plan allows you to recruit and retain quality employees.  With AIS Planning staying focused on your plan, you can keep your focus where it belongs - on running your business.  Our experienced team, transparency of fees and our strong fiduciary commitment to our clients set us apart. 




Retirement Plan Fiduciary Review
We provide plan sponsors with an independent, objective look at your plan to help you identify and manage potential risks.  Upon completion, we conduct a comprehensive analysis and make recommendations to determine the most successful and compliant plan.  A review helps meet fiduciary requirements for plan management and oversight by thorough benchmarking.

Optimize Benefits through a Custom Plan Design
We will propose a plan that is based on your unique needs and employee demographics.  A custom plan can allow employers to exceed normal contribution amounts while limiting overall contributions.

Reduce Your Fiduciary Liability
We share the fiduciary responsibility for investment selection and monitoring - we are an ERISA section 3(21) Fiduciary.

Compliance Support
AIS Planning can help employers identify problems, appropriately resolve the issues and restore plan compliance with ERISA, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service.

Simplify the Investment Experience
AIS Planning ensures broad diversification and simplification of the investment experience.  Participants select the model allocation based on a comprehensive risk analysis, with ongoing account rebalancing to maintain their investment strategy.

Streamline Plan Management Tasks
With over 50 years of combined financial service experience, we can assist you in the selection of record keepers and third party administrators to streamline day-to-day plan management.  This will allow you to keep your focus where it belongs - on your business.

Financial Wellness for Employees
We offer more than basic investment information.  AIS Planning helps your employees through the planning process to establish goals and a savings strategy.  We provide education to help employees understand the plan and investments, offer Financial Wellness coaching and offer one-on-one consultation to employees who want personal investment and retirement advice.