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There's only so much money to go around every month and deciding whether to spend, save, or pay down debt is challenging for sure! During this webcast we will share with you best practices for attacking saving and debt reduction and our ideas for balancing BOTH!

Key Webcast Highlights:

Benefits of paying down high interest debt At min: 1:03

How much your debt is costing you? At min: 2:46

Benefits of saving for the future At min: 4:40

How to accomplish both At min: 11:08

Learn answers to the most commonly asked 401(k) questions such as: what is a 401(k), what are the tax benefits, how to select investments, when am I eligible to participate, what is an employer match, and MUCH MORE!

Key Webcast Highlights:

IRS Early Withdrawal Penalty At min: 4:51

How much can I contribute into my 401(k) At min: 6:23

Employer Match At min: 7:02

Tax Benefits At min: 9:52

Creating a budget can feel overwhelming but listen as we explain the basic steps to create a budget and tips on how to stick to it!


Key Webcast Highlights:

50/30/20 Budgeting Rule At min: 6:09

Tips for staying on track At min 7:30


Download A Beginner's Guide to the 50/30/20 Rule

Download Monthly Spending Tracker PDF or Monthly Bill Calendar PDF

Download Budget Worksheet Spreadsheet

Have you ever wondered what would change if you waited to save in your retirement plan? What if you could increase your savings rate? What if you cashed out? And, what if you could contribute enough to receive a full employer match?

Key Webcast Highlights:

Waiting to save At min 2:46

Increase savings rate At min 7:10

Cash out At min 10:05

Receive an employer match At min 14:07

If you're thinking about retirement in the near future you don't want to miss this webcast with our best tips for pre-retirees.

You'll hear our top seven considerations and advice when planning for retirement!

Key Webcast Highlights:

How to create a retirement budget At min 3:19

Leveraging catch-up contributions At min 7:05

Plan your social security income benefits At min 11:44

Planning for health care needs At min 14:37


We've identified 7 common financial planning assumptions that, if made, can risk your retirement confidence and success. Learn how to avoid making these costly assumptions and hear our tips to prepare for retirement.

Key Webcast Highlights:

7 Assumptions that can derail your retirement At min 2:00

Tips to prepare for retirement At min 8:39

How to use the "Four Corners" worksheet (download below video) to bring awareness to cash flow and create your net worth At min 9:22

Reminder of your financial wellness benefits through AIS Planning At min 13:33

Download our Four Corners PDF

What is a credit score? Why does it matter? And, how do you improve yours?

Listen as we share important information about how creditors use this tool to evaluate your creditworthiness.

Key Webcast Highlights:

What is a hard inquiry? At min 5:37
6 tips for improving your credit score. At min 6:33
How do you get a FREE credit report? At min 8:26
Cliff notes recap. At min 9:59

Why now is NOT the time to pull back retirement savings

Do you ever wonder if you should pause your 401(k) contributions due to poor market returns, high inflation, or fears of the unknown?

We share our recommendations and the consequences that should be considered. Hint - the answer isn't always "no".

Tips for Handling High Inflation

In 2022, the U.S. saw some of the highest inflation rates that we've encountered in decades; and, you may be feeling the impact to your bottom line! With the increasing costs of goods and services you may be wondering what you can do during these times of high inflation. We share 5 tips to help you, and guidance on feeling confident with your money.

Tips for Early Savers

Want to better understand how to use your 401(k)? Learn about this account type, how it works, savings and tax options, and additional great tips for anyone who is early in saving for retirement.

10 ways to use your tax refund

Wondering what to do with this year's tax refund? We've provided 10 suggestions to consider, and wise ways to use this money.

Setting New Year's goals can be an exciting activity. When it comes to setting resolutions, or goals, that are aimed at bettering our financial situations it can also be tricky. Watch to learn more about the psychology of goal setting and how to hack your brain to set goals that are achievable and meaningful! Also check out the free downloadable template to support this webcast!

Goal Setting Worksheet

Are you on track for financial independence? Come find out from our expert advisors the important financial planning steps you should be taking at every age (20's, 30's 40's...) and what you can do if you are 'behind'.

You want to save more for the future - but where, and how? Learn more about our "bucket philosophy" and recommended ways to save based on your goals, time horizon, and desired rate of return. We will share best practices on 'how much' and where to save your money.

Strategies for Saving More Worksheet

Another year has flown by, and before we ring in the new year let's discuss some strategic considerations which could have a lasting impact on your financial situation. Reviewing this checklist will help ease your mind and allow you to focus on the year ahead.

Financial planning itself – the process – is not different for men vs. women; but there are certain unique hurdles women face that should be considered during the planning process. We will identify some of the most common considerations women face and how to adapt your plan.

Join this webcast to hear what expert financial planners at AIS Planning recommend doing to start your financial year off on the right foot. We will provide practical, easy-to-implement ideas and tools specifically around saving and budgeting to ensure that you feel more financially empowered in the new year.

Your income is your greatest wealth-building tool. But when you have debt, you can’t build wealth, because you’re spending part of this month’s income to pay for something last month, last year or even last decade. We will be providing advice on steps you can take to prevent, pay off, and avoid consumer debt.

Does talking or even thinking about investments overwhelm or confuse you? We want you to have the knowledge necessary to feel confident in your investment decisions. This jargon-free webcast will focus on the basics: saving vs. investing, understanding investment allocation (and what that means), how to determine your stock to bond ratio, what is a target date fund, and other helpful tips for investing.

The most common question we are asked by participants is "am I on track for retirement"? Our answer is - "that's depends." Join this webcast to find out what factors should to be considered to determine whether or not you are on track for your targeted retirement. You'll leave with the tools you need to review your personal financial situation and increase your chances of getting and staying on track for retirement.